Happy 2012! My motto for the year is "Change the World or Die Mayan!" which I feel is a greater call to action than New Years Resolutions, which I see as transient and ineffective. I do have some goals and visions for the year, which I shall cover briefly now.

Save up and move to Thailand for a year
There is an awesome Permaculture project called Panya. Here is their website. I know a few people who have lived there previously and they had a great time. The great people at Panya have said I can go and live there for a year, when there is space to accommodate me. This will give me time to save up for all of the costs such as travel, health insurance, etc. 

I am very excited about this opportunity to live and learn Permaculture in a tropical paradise! I am currently working in a job that I don't really like in order to save up - but my goal pulls me through the tough days! This is why they aren't New Years Resolutions - I see NYR's as something negative, where you have to avoid doing something and have little motivation. My goals for the year are positive drivers in my life which motivate me on multiple levels.

Develop a brand and gain experience
I am an entrepreneur. I have been advised by family and friends that I should get a job in a related area and gain experience before I start my own business. After trying this a few times, and being rejected for lack of experience, I seek to turn this advice on its head: I should start my own business to gain experience so that I can get a job in a related area. This will take hard work, but the reward will be satisfying and meaningful work that makes a real positive impact.

Be healthy and vibrant
It's really starting to sound like a New Years Resolution now! But I beg to differ. Most people go on a "diet" and have to avoid eating the food they love. Or they join the gym for a few weeks before giving up. Again I shall draw my distinction - NYR's are painful, my 2012 goals are bursting with pleasure.

I am not going on a diet - I am eating healthy and delicious food. Unhealthy snacks and sweets reduce my energy levels, whereas tasty and nutritious snacks like fruit and nuts make me feel vibrant and energetic. I am highly motivated to keep this up!

I am exercising in ways that I enjoy. I do pressups and pullups in the mornings, and gain satisfaction from improved strength and muscle tone. I play 5-aside football every week with friends, which is loads of fun and one heck of a workout! I also do Yoga, which is great for my strength and flexibility, whilst making me feel absolutely fantastic!

If you don't like being healthy, you are doing it wrong.

Make this year the best and most eventful so far!

There is a lot more that I am doing, have done, and will do this year. In the 17 days of 2012 I have already joined the Green Party and the Rifle Club (both of which I have wanted to do for years). I intend to join more associations relevant to my interests. I am going to take courses and lessons to develop my skills, such as a wild mushroom foraging course. I will attend trade fairs and events such as the Bushcraft festival. There is still so much more left unsaid! 

This year will be epic.